Absent Without Leave

Dear Ann,

Where have you been? I’ve watched for your weekly message, and it’s not even a monthly message any more. What happened? Are you okay?

Empty desk-Einstein.png

First, you entice me with observations as you’ve putzed around Kansas (Orphan Train/Thelma the Welder), peered at historical sites (Brewster Higley/Homefront Soldier) and tourist attractions (Dugouts/Wren’s Nest in Atlanta). Then you gave me a taste of your writing (Jerry Parr/Jazz Synopsis) and talked about new topics you’re addressing (Korean War Veterans/Duffy). I like the variety of information, and I like the ways you present them in this short format. But I’ve missed you. Tell me, what’s the problem?

You see, you roped me into looking for your weekly piece. Most of the time, one appeared each Tuesday. Then the time frame stretched out a bit and sometimes it was Thursday or even Friday before I received anything. That’s okay, but now that nothing has shown up for multiple weeks, I’m disgruntled. Please don’t tell me that you’ve given up doing frequent writings. I don’t care if you write about what you ate for breakfast. To me, that’s better than the blank screen week after week.

I guess I have found something to chit chat about in the meantime, though. I can always count on the weather in Kansas to provide varied and entertaining conversations. And how we Kansans talk to each other about the weather. “How much rain did you get last night?” “More than an inch, it seems.” “Don’t you think the winds probably hit 70 miles per hour Thursday night?” “Oh yes, at least. I lost a Bradbury pear tree. Split it right down the middle. Had to take out the whole thing. What a hassle.” “Nice day today, though. Not quite 70 degrees and a little north breeze. Took a long walk and enjoyed every step.”

So what I’m saying is that I’ve had to make up my own Tuesday banter, and I’m ready for you to come back and fill in the gap. Wouldn’t mind a bit if you explained yourself while you’re at it. What caused you to go south on your informal promise to keep me looking for a new thought or two. Kind of like Tuesdays with Morrie, but this is Tuesdays with Ann. Come back, please.


One of your faithful readers